Mexican Medical Repatriation Insurance

Mexican Medical Repatriation Insurance

Did you know that a travel insurance policy or a private USA or Canadian health insurance policy may not be enough to cover you for medical emergencies if you plan to live in Mexico full or part-time. Have you considered about a medical repatriation insurance?

Why Do You Need a medical repatriation insurance?

If you or a member of your family experience a critical medical situation while abroad, medical repatriation insurance may be necessary. It will provide the needed support during an experience that could amount to be very difficult for you and your family. Medical repatriation insurance coverage will help you get sent back home safely to receive optimum healthcare in line with your insurance coverage there.

Travel Insurance and medical repatriation

What’s the difference between travel insurance and medical repatriation? Some travel insurances will include medical repatriation cover, though often it will cover the cost to take you to the nearest place where you can be treated effectively, which does not necessarily mean you will be sent home where you can receive support from the rest of your family.

Medical cover and travel insurance

A travel insurance policy issued in your home country might provide you a specified limited period where you will be covered to be repatriated, which usually does not exceed 60 or 90 days. The coverages are varied and some may have some form of medical repatriation. Only, some have some strings attached which could limit the situations and the amount of the repatriation that your insurance company will cover.

Private Healthcare and Medical Evacuation Insurance

If your stay in Mexico is for a longer period, like you are on a sabbatical journey, on a volunteer job, or you have decided to live in Mexico for an extended period, a short-term insurance policy won’t cover you. Even local healthcare policies which might be ideal for treatment in your country, may not cover the medical repatriation costs. In these cases it is a good idea to purchase additional medical repatriation insurance. That means you can keep you medical insurance back home but are covered to get you back. This is particularly useful for snowbirds who only live in Mexico during the winter.

Positive Effects of Medical Evacuation

There are many circumstances when you have a pre-arranged medical repatriation plan. The costs of medical repatriation are usually high and even out of practical financial reach for the majority of people. While in Mexico for a short-term or a defined period, your health insurance scheme or policy in your home country might cover you but you have to be back there to avail of the service. When you are already in a critical medical condition, commercial airlines won’t fly you home.

Going home when you are sick

A private healthcare policy while you are here in Mexico for a longer period might provide you the adequate healthcare coverage. Unfortunately, when circumstances arise where you become critically ill or injured, being able to return home once you have stabilized is more important. You can be more comfortable having your family members to attend your needs and provide your support along with your own doctors and in your local hospital. A provision to fly home may not always be included in your common healthcare insurance policies which only covers local medical care.

What does medical repatriation insurance cover?

Also, a medical repatriation is more than acquiring a private flight back home. It includes an accredited team of medical professionals and specially-trained medical transport specialists who will coordinate complex logistic between hospitals, airports, government agencies, and doctors. Your family will also be updated on your whereabouts and the evacuation process. Arranging a medical evacuation plan is inexpensive and has good value when you consider the support network and the expertise you can avail when the worst scenario happens. Most importantly, you get the peace of mind knowing that you will get back home when you or your family gets involved in a critical medical emergency.

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