Property Title Insurance

Property Title

Property title insurance is evidence for the owner that the property is legally possessed by the owner. During the chain of title with a property have problems. Actually over half of real estate transaction problems have to do with the title, which is why having property title insurance is essential. The property title insurance will track down any issues before the buyer purchases the property and the property title insurance will correct any problem, so the property transactions will be processed smoothly.

Protecting your investment

Purchasing a home will more than likely be the biggest investment that you will do in your entire life, so having property title insurance will protect this big investment for you. Don’t you want your investment to be protected, safe, and secure? Real estate owners along with the lenders will be protected with property title insurance, which could be any liens and defects with the property title. There are other insurance policies that will protect your investment from any future events and these insurance policies are auto, flood, and homeowners. These insurance policies can be paid in monthly installments or with an annual premiums. The property title insurance will provide protection from any defects that occur with the properties title and the cost is with a one-time premium. The defects that the property title insurance will cover include debt by the previous owners, documents that were improperly executed with a sale previously with the property.


Property title insurance will protect any and all claims of defects and the buyer, seller, and the lender will all benefit with the property title insurance. Fraud, recorded documents that are improper, liens, encroachments, and anything that was specifically added to the property title insurance. Buyers, sellers, and lenders should always have property title insurance so they are protected from any defects with the title.

Who gets involved?

The property title insurance works with the attorney, notary, or title agent by searching the title when the buyer has made an offer for the property. The buyer will be issued a preliminary report and the buyer will need to review the report thoroughly, then approve it. Once the reports have been successfully confirmed and all demands have been paid, the funds will be delivered and this is when the property title insurance was created and the property is now protected and safe.

It is highly recommended to obtain property title insurance. It is very important for everyone to obtain property title insurance before ever purchasing property.

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