8 Reasons to Move to Mexico

8 Reasons to Move to Mexico

Are you looking for a country that has an eclectic appeal? Mexico may not be the first place that people decide to plant their roots, but it certainly should be. If you are considering planting your seeds in Mexico, then you will appreciate these 8 reasons to move to Mexico provided below.

8 Reasons to Move to Mexico

  • The Locals

If we were to describe the local people in Mexico in three words it would be friendly, kind, and welcoming. The Mexican locals are very considerate as they will take the time to ask you a question and they will be interested about your experiences along with sharing theirs with you. You will want to take the opportunity to talk to the locals and it may surprise you to see that they will provide you with helpful advice on the best places to shop and eat and they may even invite you to their home to dine with their family.

  • The Tropical Climate

One of the best reasons to move to Mexico is the tropical climate. The tropical climate is ideal and if you would rather live where you have cool mountain weather, then you can do that too. The climate is tropical and cool.

  • Cheaper to Live

It is cheaper to live in Mexico and you will see that if you are coming from Europe, the U.S., or Canada. You will be spending less money on dining, shopping, rent, and transportation. When it is cheaper to live you will not worry about money and you will be able to do more fun and exciting activities.

  • The Food

The food in Mexico can be different, depending on the region or state that you are in, because each region will put their own spin on dishes, but one thing is for certain and that is the food and cuisine is always delicious and is a clear reason to move to Mexico. The classic flavors in Mexico come from lime, cilantro and onions, tomatoes, and corn and chili. It will be easy for you to enjoy fresh and tasty seafood dishes, fruits, and the Mexican traditional cuisines that include the sauces, the meats, the soups, and we can’t forget the tacos.

  • Luscious Landscapes

There are countless luscious landscapes in Mexico due to the size of the country. The luscious landscapes would include the beaches of the Caribbean, the Northern rocky desert, canyons, tiny mountain villages, jungles, and the urban cities.

  • Natural Nature

The natural resources in Mexico are amazing. There are nearly 30,000 species of plants and 1,500 species of reptiles, mammals, and amphibians in Mexico. If you move to Mexico, then you can experience the Yucatan pink flamingo or you can experience the Monarch butterflies that are located in Michoacán, and these butterflies come back each year from Canada.

  • Enjoy the Festivities

The Mexican culture is filled with exciting festivities for you to enjoy when you move to Mexico. There are plenty of festivities that are celebrated all through the year, and they include religious holidays, bank holidays, and national holidays. You can join in with the festivities when you wear the green, white, and red national colors when you are celebrating, dancing, and drinking.

  • A Rich Heritage

Mexico has a rich heritage and the history is very interesting for you to learn about. There is the Spanish conquest, the ancient Mayans, the Olmec’s, and the political issues that you can learn about. Throughout Mexico you will find a variety of museums and art galleries that you can see exhibits and displays, especially if you are in one of the bigger cities like Guadalajara or Mexico City.

What are your reasons for wanting to move to Mexico? Share you thoughts in the comments box.


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