According to International Living, Mexico Best for Retirement

Who do you Need to Buy Real Estate in Mexico?

The best country to for retirement in 2017 according to International Living has been revealed, and it’s no surprise that Mexico has edged out the competition. According to International Living, a primary authority for global retirement and relocations statistics, the majority of U.S. expats consider Mexico as the ideal place to spend their retirement. The retirement poll was based on several factors including ease of obtaining visas and residency, fitting into the local culture, and cost of living. Over one million American expats presently living in Mexico can testify to why Mexico is best for retirement.

Mexico Best for Retirement

Moving abroad for retirement looks to continue to be a trend and the number or retirees looking to move to foreign climes will probably continue to grow in the years ahead. Other countries included in the top 10 list were Panamá, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Malaysia, Spain, Nicaragua, Portugal and Malta. Mexico beat all of these countries as the best for retirement.

Here are some of the benefits of retiring in Mexico:

Advantageous Exchange Rates

The U.S. dollar-Mexican peso exchange rate has become more favorable for those spending US dollars. This means you’ll have more spending power in Mexico than back in your home country. As such, now is a great time to consider buying real estate.

Low Cost of Living, High Standards of Enjoyment

Finding a place where your living expenses are low is a key concern for those looking to retire abroad. In Mexico you can live a comfortable lifestyle with relatively little money; a luxury lifestyle is also much cheaper. Expenses on essentials like food, housing, and healthcare are lower compared to what you would spend at home.

The United States is Nearby

Tourist destinations in Mexico like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Cabo offer many direct flights each day to several U.S. cities, ensuring you can get back and forth with ease. Such proximity is one advantage for those who want to retain a close relationship with home when relocating for retirement. Less travel time means less stress and more fun.

English is a Commonly Spoken

Many locals can speak at least basic English, especially in the major tourist areas where many Expats choose to live. You will also find that some Mexicans have exceptionally good English making it easy to make Mexican friends too. Don’t forget, also, that Spanish is a fun language to learn and pretty easy to grasp the essentials.

Why do you think Mexico is the best for retirement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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