Happiest Place to Live – Mexico

Happiest Place to Live - Mexico

Are you looking for the best place for a second home or for your retirement? Mexico’s pristine beaches, delicious cuisine, and the promise of adventure are waiting for you. One of the most desirable vacation and retirement destinations in the world, Mexico offers so many benefits that give travelers and expats so many reasons to keep coming back and even consider the country as a place to set up home or to retire. As one of the happiest places to live, the people of Mexico are sure to put a smile on your face and make your decision to live in Mexico one you will never regret.

Mexico Offers Many Reasons to Smile

Mexico News Daily recently published an announcement claiming that Mexico is now the second happiest country in the world after Costa Rica. The ranking was based on research conducted by reputable organizations such as Gallup, New Economics Foundation, the Happy Planet Index, and the World Happiness Report, publishing findings for 2017.

General Well Being in Mexico

When it comes to the well being of its residents, Mexico ranked higher than other neighboring countries, even with its relatively low income compared with that of the United States. This proves money cannot guarantee happiness and satisfaction.

Sense of Satisfaction is the Secret

Defined as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”, well being is a concept that can be used to describe the overall feeling of satisfaction with your life. According to the research, generally speaking, the people of Mexico have learned to enjoy their lives even despite the problems that may come their way. It would seem that our attitude towards happiness and satisfaction has a lot to do with our sense of well being.

Living longer lives

Mexican residents enjoy a 76.4 average life expectancy. Long and healthy lives are normal in this happy country. One important factor that leads to this statistic is the availability of affordable healthcare in most areas of the country. Also, with a healthier attitude towards life’s problems comes less stress. Less stress leads to fewer health problems resulting in longer life expectancy.

Happy attitudes

We cannot deny that having enough money is essential to our well being and sense of happiness, but many would agree that the goal of becoming rich is not the most important thing in life. According to the article, this is true among the people in Mexico. Even on modest incomes, you will find living in Mexico very comfortable and satisfying. The cost of living here is very affordable with all the utilities such as food, housing, and other essentials relatively less expensive compared to other countries.

Peace of mind

Mexico is most famous for its “mañana” laidback atmosphere, which is, perhaps one of the most appealing part of living in this happy country. Some people may find the slow-paced lifestyle frustrating, but this unhurried lifestyle makes for happier people. Healthier lives are results of having less chaos and less stress. Even with the majority of Mexicans working six days a week, they always find time to relax and to enjoy life to the full.

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