Vallarta Lifestyles for Expats

Vallarta Lifestyles for Expats

Have you recently just relocated to Puerto Vallarta and you wondering what you can do to be a part of the community? There are many different activities that you can enjoy and become involved with. Look at the activities provided below, which is perfect for Vallarta lifestyles for expats:

Vallarta Lifestyles for expats- Go to the Beach 

There are a variety of beaches in and around Banderas Bay, which is why going to the beach should be a number one ‘to-do’ on your list. There are beaches that have coastline that are endless, which is perfect for jogging, walking, or just strolling along. There are beaches that have amazing coves and tidal pools, and the waters are calms, so if you want to do laps in the morning or even go paddle surfing, then you can do that at one of these beaches. If you are interested in learning to boogie board, then great news as some of the beaches have smaller waves, but if you want to put your surfing skills to the test, then you will enjoy the beaches that provide larger waves. Whatever type of beach you are looking for in Puerto Vallarta you will find it as there are crowded beaches, so you can meet new friends and beaches that are quiet where you won’t see many people. The beach choice is yours.

Vallarta Lifestyles for expats – The Old Town Farmer’s Market

During the peak season from October – May the Old Town Farmer’s Market is the place to go each Saturday from 9:30 – 2:00. At the Old Town Farmer’s Market you can enjoy purchasing produce that is grown locally, amazing art, nice jewelry, tasty food, clothing, and jams and baked goods. There will be a variety of food vendors and there will be live music to listen to. The Old Town Farmer’s Market is located at the Lazaro Cardenas Park, which is right across from the Los Muertos Beach. Each Sunday during peak season there is another farmers market that is held in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. This farmers market is located right on the ocean. You can go shopping, enjoy live music and tasty foods, but if you enjoy seafood, then this is the place where you should eat seafood because the seafood market is located right in the center of the farmers market.

Vallarta Lifestyles for expats – Charity Involvement

Getting involved with a charity is the best way to meet new people and friends. Anytime that you give back you will create bonds that will last you a lifetime. There are many different charities that you can pick from such as abused women’s center, animal rescues, disabled children, nursing homes, young girls homes, children’s orphanages, children of the dump, and many more. Each one of these charities is always looking for help and donating your time will not only help you make new friends, but will also remove some of that time that you spend alone.

Vallarta Lifestyles for expats – Join the Theater

If you really enjoy live theater, then you are in luck because the Act II Entertainment Theater is always looking for new talent. The theater is located on Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes Streets. The theater has three different venues each day. You can become a star and you won’t be bored in the evenings when you join the theater. The tickets are very affordable and it also has a piano bar where you can enjoy a nice drink, meet new people, and be in a surrounding that is very luxurious.

Vallarta Lifestyles for expats – Discover Beyond the Bay

There is more to Puerto Vallarta than the Banderas Bay. You can discover beyond the bay by going on a road trip. There are beautiful colonial towns, cities, lakes, and so much more out there just waiting for you to discover it.

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