How does a Condo Hotel Compare to Timeshare?

Why Condos Make a Good Investment

How does a Condo Hotel Compare to Timeshare?

The popularity of condos over single-family homes has been growing slowly but surely over the last few years, and shows no sign of letting up. Of course, if you are in the process of considering buying a home for any reason you’ll have done your research into homes and condos, but if you need some help to decide whether or not a condo could be for you we have a list of the perks. Here are the top reasons to consider a condo:

Sociable Living

While you might get to know a few neighbors in a normal community of single family homes, the proportionally higher number of people in condo buildings means that you have a better chance of finding a group that you really click with. Walking the dog, getting the mail, and day to day activities can turn into opportunities to get to know your community. If you’re a social person you will  definitely like condo living!

Value for money

In general, condos are less expensive per square foot than single family homes of the same condition, in the same area. This is of great importance to people who are on a tight budget; you can be sure you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to a condo. Great options for first time buyers, retirees and property investors.

Move-in Ready

If you’re busy, it’s a first home, or you just want to minimize what’s on your plate, so to speak, then a condo is definitely for you. They generally come move-in ready, and provide a convenient and low-maintenance lifestyle compared to the average single-family home.

Low Maintenance

If you’re not very handy with DIY, or just don’t want to have to deal with the repairs and upgrades involved with a home then condos are perfect for you. The condo association fees that you pay cover the maintenance and repair of the outside of your condo and the structure of the building. You also won’t have a yard to take care of either.

Extra Amenities

Condo buildings will generally have little perks and benefits that make life easier, as well as lighter responsibilities around the house. These can be in building pools, fitness centres, Jacuzzis or even event halls. All of these things would take a great deal of time and money to have in a family home.






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