PV’s Luxurious Full and Fractional Deeded Property

You have just entered the world where dreams come true with full and fractional deeded property in Puerto Vallarta, otherwise, affectionately know by expats as PV. No more hassling with travel agents and making reservations as that can all be left in the past. The future holds ownership of real estate in one of the most luxurious resorts in PV: Garza Blanca Signature Residences.

Fractional Ownership that is Deeded in PV
If you went over the advantages along with the responsibilities it takes when you own a second home in PV, you might think the better of full ownership in favor of renting; however, fractional ownership in PV is a happy medium between cost, owning luxury real estate, ease and flexibility. Fractional ownership at Garza Blanca Signature Residences in PV allows you to be the owner where you hold the deed for your fraction of the property, which in the case of Garza Blanca at present would be one twelfth of a luxury property. For deeded fractional ownership, you are the owner for as long as you live, at which time it can be left in your will, just like any real estate.

The fractional ownership option at Garza Blanca Signature Residences in PV is an amazing real estate investment and opportunity that allows fractional owners to have complete access to the Garza Blanca Beach resort and spa that has been rated as a five star resort. Fractional ownership allows you to be the owner of your twelfth becoming your own landlord. No more will you have to throw money away renting vacation homes in PV. You have full ownership for the time allocated to you, and you can rent your time out, sell it, or donate it. It is yours! Your very own property in PV. This is an amazing investment for anyone.

Another advantage of buying fractional real estate at Garza Blanca Signature Residences is that you can benefit from developer financing. With a 25% down payment, you can make payments over 10 years, ensuring that you can access your luxury home as soon as possible. Don’t forget too, that you will be investing in a luxury property that builds equity that you can do with how you choose such as sell, rent, or whatever – it is yours. Luxury living becomes a breeze at Garza Blanca Signature Residences in PV.

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