Tips for Decorating your second home in Puerto Vallarta

Property maintenance in Puerto Vallarta is an ongoing issue due to the humid and hot climate; the rainy season starts mid-June and runs all the way through October, and this includes some of the hottest months of the year. For this reason first time home buyers in Puerto Vallarta tend to all make the same basic errors when it comes to furnishing their second home in Puerto Vallarta properly.

It is entirely true that you can find newly finished, modern high rise apartments in Puerto Vallarta that rival Miami’s Brickell neighbourhood, and certainly all high spec units will have good air conditioning, but people from colder climates still tend to be ignorant to the extra TLC that second home in Puerto Vallarta really needs. You see a home in the tropics has distinct needs that people from colder climates might not be familiar with.

The influx of ‘Baby Boomers’ and national vacationers who are acquiring a second home in Puerto Vallarta has brought such a huge demand for home decoration services and supplies that many of the largest furniture and home décor stores in Guadalajara have opened locations which serve Banderas Bay and offer truly extensive options for all tastes and budgets. Here are our top tips for decorating your second home in Puerto Vallarta:

Commit to the Task
If time isn’t really an issue you could try some DIY. Puerto Vallarta has a huge variety of home décor shops from which to choose. You could even take a trip to Guadalajara where there are twice as many options and even some smaller communities nearby where you can buy items directly from the artisan. Keep furniture to a minimum where possible and don’t feel that you need to have all your furnishings in as quickly as possible. Some of the very best pieces can be found with patience.

Get yourself an Interior Designer
Hiring an interior designer is a good way to ensure that you’re decorating your second home in Puerto Vallarta in a way that is compatible with its surroundings as well as your vision. When you’re interviewing possible interior designers you should interview a diverse selection and compare price, attitude and always check available references! After all a relationship with your interior designer is much like a marriage; chemistry is a must, but some common ground must be found!

You should, however, decide upon and stick by your budget even if you find an interior designer who you have chemistry with. Reputable and experienced designers will be used to being questioned and having their references check, and (most importantly) will be eager to hear your ideas and desires. Be sure to compare quotes!

It would be wise to avoid furniture in your second home in Puerto Vallarta that has metal details as corrosion is a real and frustrating problem in the tropics. If you absolutely must have some, though, you should use WD40 continually as a form of preventative maintenance. Likewise, If wood is a must in your house then be smart and take advantage of preventative fumigation. You see, we know tropical wood is great but termites feel the same way too!

Rental Properties
If it is your intention to put your second home in Puerto Vallarta on the market for rentals then you should keep in in mind that this is a situation in which an interior designer will be most useful. You see they specialize in homes that have a lot of traffic (social gatherings and the like). They can help you to pick linens, fabrics and upholstery that look good while still being able to ensure that they can withstand bright sunlight, intense heat, the rigours of pets and children and, of course, being daubed with salt water and sand.

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