Before You Move to Mexico

Move to Mexico

Have you decided to move to Mexico? If you have, then you may be wondering on how to make the move go smoothly. There are so many different reasons why you should relocate to this beautiful country such as a new exciting job, a new business adventure, retirement, or just to live a better life. There are many things that you should coordinate before moving to Mexico, so to accomplish these tasks we have provide helpful tips, so your journey to Mexico is easier.

Here are just a few of the most important tasks that you should consider before you move to Mexico:

✓ Bring Important Documents: You will want to make sure you bring all your important documents with you when you move to Mexico such as marriage certificates, degrees, and birth certificates. You should also make sure you have your passport and visa in order.

✓ Deciding What to Bring: You will need to decide what items to bring before you move to Mexico. If you don’t think the move will be permanent, then you should leave behind large items. You can store these items or sell them. There are a lot of furnished rentals in Mexico, so you can bring the needed items such as clothes, then if you store larger items that you can move later to Mexico.

✓ Housing Options: If you are renting your home in your country, then you will need to let the landlord know you are moving, and if you own your home, then you can rent or sell the house or you can even just let it stay vacant in case your move to Mexico doesn’t work out. As soon as you know you are moving to Mexico you should start searching for rentals.

✓ Children’s Schools: If you have children, then you should start searching for private schools. Once you have made the move to Mexico, then you can tour the private schools to see which school provides the needs for your children. You will also have to make arrangements with your child’s present school, so you can pick up the transcripts and report cards. If your child is on any sports team, then contact them too.

✓ Family Pets: It is very possible to bring your family pets with you when you move to Mexico. You should contact your veterinarian to get the shot and health certificates prior to moving.

✓ Financial Aspects: Prior to moving to Mexico you should close your banking accounts and credit cards that are unnecessary. You will also need to pay any bills, then cancel your cable and internet services, utilities series, cell phone services, car insurance, health insurance, memberships with a gym, magazines and newspapers.

These are helpful tips that you should do before you move to Mexico. If you do these tips, then your move to Mexico will be much easier.

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