Can Foreigners get a Mortgage in Mexico?

Mortgage in Mexico

Mortgages can be tricky business at any time, but getting a mortgage in a foreign country can be harder than you might expect. Mexico is a growing market for mortgages, and though it lags behind leading world economies like those in Europe and the USA, it is fast becoming ripe ground for investment. A common question is whether foreigners can get a mortgage in Mexico. Below you will find out how.

A Mortgage in Mexico

Though the interest rates on a mortgage in Mexico are higher than in places across Europe, the USA, Canada at about 10 – 12% p.a. and can cover up to 90% of the value of the property in question. For 10% deposit and fees of around 5% a 20 – 25 year mortgage can be secured fairly easily, and set you on the path to homeownership.

Can foreigners get a Mortgage in Mexico?

Though it has become increasingly easy for Mexican nationals to get mortgages in Mexico, it can be harder for foreign nationals to secured mortgages from Mexican Banks. It is not impossible, however. Foreigners who have residency (temporary or permanent), who are employed by a company in Mexico, those who pay Mexican taxes, or those who can prove they have a regular and stable foreign income may be able to get a Mexican mortgage from a bank.


If you are unable to get a mortgage as a foreigner you might consider a private loan, though this is a riskier option which will generally have higher interest attached to it. Finally, when it comes to new build there is developer financing which is like a mortgage over a shorter term. For such an arrangement deposits generally range between 25 and 50%.

What you Need for a Mortgage in Mexico

In order to secure a mortgage in Mexico you will need to meet certain criteria:

You will need to produce 6 months of banks statements from either a Mexican or foreign bank, and 6 months of payslips from legitimate employment in Mexico or proof of a stable foreign income.

Your birth certificate, RFC tax number, and proof of your eligibility for life insurance.

Proof of permanent or temporary residency, and proof of address.

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