Why Retire in Mexico

Ever wondered why people retire in Mexico? Many people from the United States, Canada and Europe choose Mexico as their second home after retiring. Early retirees whose ages are in the 40’s and 50’s see Mexico as a haven where they can still spend much of their golden years; while those in their retiring age and older consider it a home for relaxation after years of hard work. Choosing to retire in Mexico has a lot to offer and Mexico will always be a popular choice for retirement. What can be the reasons for this? Let’s take a look why you should retire in Mexico.

Grabbing Life by the Horns
The warmth of the Mexican people is instantly felt once you set foot in Mexico. Many retirees feel that they are not far from home, as they are very much welcomed with zest and eagerness by the Mexicans. Foreigners and their investments are treated not like visitors, but as members of the family when you retire in Mexico. Living in populated cities such as Puerto Vallarta, Cabo and Cancun can give you the experience of being accepted wholeheartedly, plus you will find many expats to show you have fabulous it is to retire in Mexico. Every retiree should be treated this way because retirement is the time when peace and relaxation are priorities. It’s the time when all dreams have been reached and tranquility must then be felt.

Make Your Money go Further
Living a decent life when you retire in Mexico is no way expensive. Retirees who have pensions and savings won’t have to spend much when it comes to luxury and elegant living and your pension in dollars will go a lot further, especially now as the dollar is so strong against the peso. Real estate properties are within reach while basic commodities are priced just right. High end mansions with fantastic amenities like swimming pool and jacuzzi are affordable and more accessible to give that high standard of life that any retiree deserves.

The Weather
Unlike places where you have to freeze amidst tons of snow and very low temperatures, Mexico promises warm temperatures and sunny days that are ideal for outside fun and recreation. Most retirees in Mexico choose the coastal areas of Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun to be their second home, where the sunshine is almost guaranteed. While the majority will prefer temperate climates over hot ones, there’s no denying that Mexico has that perfect weather. Sunshine can give some benefits to your health and mood. Vitamin D and some amount of serotonin can give you better health, good skin and mood.

Private Healthcare that Doesn’t Break the Band
If you choose to retire in Mexico, it is very likely that you will be able to afford medical healthcare. As a foreign permanent resident, you can enjoy the basic government health insurance, which offers basic coverage for those who work, but if you prefer that one which has a wider scope and much benefit, a private medical care is what you need. Mexico’s private medical healthcare is great and affordable for retirees, who want to assure themselves of a dependable insurance in case of health problems that come along with age. On the other hand, caregivers and healthcare workers are not that expensive and you can hire them to look after you in your own private home. There’s no need for an elderly care home.

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