A Luxury Gated Community Awaits on Vallarta’s South Shore

Just think about residing in your own luxurious destination within Mexico, concealed from the eyes of the entire world on a lush nature preserve which enjoys rivers, waterfalls, exotic birds, visiting turtles, beach and mountains. Safe as well as exceptionally unique, round-the-clock security and verdant forest protect you from the stresses of the world at Garza Blanca Signature Residences. You will become master and mistress of Puerto Vallarta’s most renowned and spectacular luxury gated community on the southern shoreline.

A Luxury gated Community for Comfort Seekers
Puerto Vallarta is the best option for investing in luxury property assets, retirement vacation ownership, changes in lifestyle and much more. Buying a property within a gate community like Garza Blanca Signature Residences also makes your second home in Mexico a stress free move: protection, comfort, ease, pleasure and luxury all in one real estate opportunity on the beach.

A Five Star lifestyle for Homeowners!
When you compare Garza Blanca Signature Residences with other luxury gated communities, you will see that you are indeed becoming a resident at one of Puerto Vallarta’s most prestigious beach resorts. Enjoy a stunning health spa, hotel services, pools, concierge services and more. Being an elite proprietor, you can also enjoy other privileges such as free of charge usage of the gym, Spa Imagine’s hydrotherapy circuit and totally free accessibility to outdoor play and fitness area and resort activities. You may also eat within one of three world class dining venues as well as one fabulous snack bar, order room service or even enjoy the services of a private chef who can prepare a meal in your private property.

Reasons to choose the south shore of Puerto Vallarta?
Puerto Vallarta’s South Shore has long been the choice of movie superstars and romance seekers. In fact, since the time of the 1960s when Hollywood’s brat-pack would arrive to the original Garza Blanca for parties lit by the flames of natural torches, the South Shore has a reputation for class and luxury real estate. It is easy to see the appeal: impacting jungle-covered cliffs, white sandy beaches and also the Los Arcos rocky islets that stand tall from the sea. The South Coast of Puerto Vallarta is loaded with personality, organic appeal and culture.

Garza Blanca Signature Residences for Luxurious Life styles
At Garza Blanca Signature Residences you can buy a variety of 2 and 3 bedroom sea view residences and 3 bedroom luxurious penthouses, either situated directly on the beach front or further into the mountain for spectacular breathtaking views. Popular for their roomy dimensions and also luxurious designs such as granite counter tops in exquisite kitchens, marble floor surfaces and also ground to ceiling sliding doors that open to amazing balconies and terraces, you’ll find luxury to complement the dimensions and prices to matach your price-range.

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